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The Dinosaur Trail

Wander into The Dinosaur Trail at The Dinosaur Park Tenby, where adventure awaits in our captivating outdoor theme park! Step into our beautiful natural woodland and prepare to encounter 30 life-size roaring dinosaurs, making this more than just your average dinosaur amusement park. From the ferocious Velociraptors to the mighty T-Rex, every twist and turn unveils a new surprise amidst the trees and bushes.

Walking Safari - Guided Walks

Join our guided walking safari led by our specially trained-in-how-to-handle DINOSAURS Safari Guides, and meet our very special young Dinosaurs up close. Please note that the timings for our guided walking safari trail vary on weekdays and weekends and take approximately 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the guided safari tour is not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs, but small children can be carried.

Embark on an adventure like no other....

But beware - many have entered, not all have returned from this thrilling dinosaur trail. Are you ready to explore one of the top things to do in Pembrokeshire? Don't let the idyllic surroundings fool you, for this woodland holds secrets that will leave you breathless.

Over 30 Dinosaurs lurk within....

Keep your eyes peeled for the seven-tonne T-Rex, whose jaws can swallow a human whole. And what about that mysterious Big Slimy Thing in the swamp? Remain vigilant at all times if you want to make it out in one piece from this adventure near Cardiff.


Enter if you dare, but remember - you have been warned!

So, are you ready to brave the Dinosaur Trail and uncover the secrets hidden within? Come face to face with roaring giants, embark on guided walks (check timings at Reception), and explore our top dinosaur exhibit! Just be sure to keep your wits about you - those dinosaurs won't bite, but they might just give you a fright!

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