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The Dinosaur Trail

Wander into our beautiful natural woodland at The Dinosaur Park Tenby and come face to face with 30 life-size roaring dinosaurs! From ferocious Velociraptors, to bold Brachiosaurus, to a mighty T-Rex, plus many more prehistoric creatures, you'll discover where they are all lurking amongst the trees and bushes!

Be prepared - every twist and turn reveal a new surprise!


Walking Safari - Guided Walks

Our specially trained-in-how-to-handle DINOSAURS Safari Guide will lead the way to meet our very special young Dinosaurs.

The times of our Guided Walking Safari Trail vary on weekdays and weekends and takes approximately 10 minutes. Sadly, The Guided Safari Tour is not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs, however small children can be carried.

Many have entered, not all have returned...

Are you man, woman or child enough to try our  Dinosaur Trail? Don’t let appearances fool you. The bluebells may be buzzing with bees and there is certainly lush green foliage all around, not to mention those gnarled branches and roots dripping with moss and lichen, a crystal clear stream gurgling by the side of the path and distant fields peppered with lazy sheep.

Sounds idyllic, doesn't It?
Well, think again! For this is certainly no ordinary woodland!

Rumours are rife that somewhere deep inside lurk over 30 dinosaurs including a Brachiosaurus, as heavy as ten elephants, and a Stegosaurus with her baby. OK, so you may not have to worry about those latter two: neither eat meat and Steggy’s top speed wouldn’t trouble your ancient granddad. But what about the vicious Deinonychus, faster than Usain Bolt? Or the seven-ton T-Rex, rumbling around in the undergrowth? T Rex’s jaws are so huge they can swallow a human whole. And both are always hungry.

As if that is not enough to worry about, what on earth is that huge, great, Big Slimy Thing in the swamp? Crikey, Moses!

So please, please make sure you keep your wits about you at all times, if you want to make it out of the Dinosaur Trail in one piece.

You Have Been Warned!

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