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Now Then, Who Would Like To Try A Car Made From A Real Hurricane?

Yeahhhh! Who here thinks they are man or woman enough to tame that sort of baby?

That's Right! You Heard: Cars Made From A REAL HURRICANE.

What, You Don't Believe Us?

They ain't called 'Hurricane Cars' for nothing you know. Our Tenby Dinosaur Park scientists have travelled to well known hurricane zones like Louisiana and the Philippines and risked life and limb to capture fragments of real, live hurricanes in a special bottle (it's a scientific one with a proper stopper and everything).

Oh, Come On! Don't Ask Us How They Do It. WE Don't Know. They Get Paid Enough Those Nerdy Men And Women In White Coats So We Leave It All To Them. Admittedly It Can Be Dangerous. One Of Them Fellas Did Cut His Thumb Quite Badly Over There In The United States Of A And Had To Use Quite A Large Plaster. But He Didn't Cry Or Anything. Anyway Enough Of All That. Where Were We?

Oh yeah, so when they fly back (economy class) here they do all sorts of weird and wonderful things in the Tenby Dinosaur Park HQ state-of-the-art laboratory with the bottled hurricanes, working late into the night. And by morning, god knows how, they produce these fantastic Hurricane Cars.

So there you are, see?

Best not to ask too many questions, just let em do their thang.

While Our Hurricane Cars Don't Quite Reach The 160 Mph Speed Of An Actual Hurricane (They Would Have Done If Namby Pamby Health And Safety Hadn't Stuck Their Hooters In) They Can Do Something Hurricanes Can't: They Can Spin Both Clockwise And Counter Clockwise. Good Huh?

So if you think you're brave enough to give em a try, be our guest...

Polite Notice

Our Hurricane Cars Have A Height Restriction Of 1.3 Metres For Drivers And A Minimum Age Of 2 Years Of Age For Passengers.

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