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The Outdoor Adventure Playground And Our Special Games Garden Are What Most Of Us Would Call ‘Good Old-Fashioned Family Fun.’

You may be dying for a cup of tea and a treat at our RIBCAGE CAFE after your exertions on our rides, but can you honestly, hand on heart, walk past our Outdoor Playground without being tempted to try your hand at JURASSIC CHARIOTS or our CURLING AND SKITTLES LANE, or, indeed, our all new and extremely blue ASTRA SLIDE? Aha! Thought not. And as for our fandibidosi T REX 12 HOLE GOLF COURSE, well, you might as well give in now, 'cos you know very well you ain't walking past that tasty temptress without succumbing to the lure of the put. No way, no how.

For those of you who want to accidentally-on-purpose 'lose' their mother-in-law or moody teenager for a bit of relief, a bit of quality 'me time' then look no further than our CHUCKLE MAZE 'cos that baby could come in very handy..."Oh! That's where you were. We were so worried (yeah right: you were snoozing in the sun after a nice picnic)(but don't tell them that). You've been gone an hour (and what a lovely hour it was)(but don't tell them that). Oh well never mind. You're here now (unfortunately)(but don' know...)."

And, of course, all you wonderful, unappreciated parents you know what you can do when you're out on your feet and in need of a well-earned breather don't you (apart from the brilliant Chuckle Maze ploy)? Why not park yer cheeky young blighters in our lovely GAMES GARDEN, our DINOSAUR-THEMED TODDLERS' PLAYGROUND or, alternatively, in our DINO DIG site (though maybe not in the Crossbow Range) and let the hyperactive herbets play to their heart's content while you stagger off either to our RIBCAGE CAFE for some serious re-fuelling, or to sit under ROSIE the T REX (like the couple in the photo up there) for a picnic and a light snooze in the warm summer sun? Come on, be honest: you know you like the sound of that, don't you?

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