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Cafe & Shop

One thing’s for certain: all that fresh Pembrokeshire air out there in the Dinosaur Park will leave you ravenous and in need of a good refuelling.

That’s where our Ribcage Café comes into its own: good hearty food, hot or cold, to keep you going all day long.

Choose from our Young Dino Buffs’ Menu or our Fossils Menu; try a delicious meal from our daily specials board; or just relax with a hot drink and a treat from our Naughties selection.

But if a T Rex Picnic or Raptor Yum Yum doesn’t take your fancy, or if you’re not tempted by a scone, jam and cream with a lovely pot of tea to wash it all down, then check out the Dino Takeaway Kiosk for a drink, snack or ice cream.

And, of course, fans of al fresco dining can bring their own picnic then munch away happily at our picnic tables.

The choice is yours.

Every time we go, I love watching my 4 year old’s face when he stumbles upon another 'sneaky dinosaur,' during our walk throught the Woodland Trail, like it’s the first time he’s seen them (we’ve visitied quite a few times now). It honestly makes my heart swell to the size of a T-Rex.

Han Dyer