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Are there age or height restrictions for the rides and activities?

There are restrictions on the activities and rides to ensure the health and safety of all of our adventurers, big and small:


Dino Safari - All Ages

Virtual Reality Shack - 3 Years +

Racing Cars Driver must be a min of 1.3m tall, passengers min age 2

Hurricanes Driver must be min of 1.3m tall, passengers min age 2

Peddlerz Age - 3-8 Years

Skiddy Cars Min height 1.3m

Super Jumper Trampolines min height 80cm (must be able to stand unaided)

Herbie Cars - 2-8 Years

Dino Hatchery (battery Tractors)  Age 1+  accompanied by adult

Disco Boats  Any age but children under 1.1m must be accompanied by an adult

Tubey Run - 3 Years +

Crazy Bugs - 1-5 Years



Dino Trail - Any Age (1mile walk allow between 30-60mins)

Chuckle Maze - Any Age

Under 1

Excavation Alley (6m+), Soft Play Den (0-8m)

1 Year +

Adventure Net, Footgolf, Hooplasaurus, Giant Jigsaws, Dino's & Ladders, Ball Drop, Swings, Pedal Power, Tunnel Maze, Toddler's Play, Tag A Dino, Volcano Valley, Digi Wall, iSand Bow & Draw Alive

Wheely bugs - 1-3 Years

2 Years +

T-Rex Golf, Curling Age, Skittle Age

3 Years +

Jurassic Chariots, Indoor Hard Play, Big Game Hunting


Do I need special clothing for any of the rides?

To go on our fantastic Adventure Net you must wear shoes that cover your heels and toes: so, for your own safety, footwear like flipflops and sliders etc... are not permitted.

What is the entrance fee for Carers of Registered Disabled people?
For up to date prices please click here

Are dogs allowed in the Park?
Sadly dogs are not allowed in the Park itself though they can be walked in the grass overflow area and we are happy to provide water. If it's a hot day we would rather you left them at home.

From what age are children charged admission?

For up to date prices please click here

What can I do if I am around 2 years old?

Well, you’ve come to the Dinosaurs Park to see our dinosaurs so head on down to The Woodland Trail and meet our pets.

In the Garden Of Time, there's Guess WhoHooplaGiant Jigsaws and Snakes and Ladders. And, of course, the grown-ups can play along too.

Don’t forget our brilliant Dino Safari where you can meet our young special dinos and our brand spanking new Dino-themed Toddler's Playground.

Everyone’s welcome at our Daily Fossil Hunts where you can find a fossil to take home with you (in addition to granny and grandpa, that is).

Our Outdoor Playground is also the place to be, bursting with exciting rides like:

The Bubbles, The Trampolines, The Herbie Cars, The Battery Tractors and The Crazy Bugs.

You can be a passenger on our Disco BoatsHurricanes and Le Mans Racing Cars and take a scaredy-cat grown up on our great new attraction: Adventure Net.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. No Siree Bob! Check out the MazeCrawl TunnelsAstra Slide, Pedal Tractors, Wheely Bugs, Dino Dig and our special Tiny Tots Playground.

Don’t forget to challenge the grown-ups to a triathlon of Golf, Curling and Skittles.

Indoors there’s our soft play areas in the Den.

Then, right, when you need a cup of something to keep you going (or 'goyen' as we say round these parts), head back to the main building where you can fish for dinos, play Noughts and Crosses, meet our Hatching Baby, play on the computers and hop into the Special Play Area in the Ribcage Cafe while the grown ups park their silly old zimmer frames and take an undeserved breather.

Hey! Now I'm 3 what's for me?

Well, of course, all of the above, but now, in addition to that little lot, you can also ride The Tubey Run and check out our Jurassic Chariots. Or you could lose yourself in our fabulous new VR Shack or Virtual Reality Shack for short.

Indoors enjoy our Ball Pits and Play Areas as well as our Adventure Play and Big Red Slides.

I'm a big person, wow so what happens now?

Well, of course, you can enjoy all of the above but now, if you are over 1.1m, you can go on the Disco Boats yourself. And if you’re over 1.3m you can drive both the Hurricane Cars AND the Le Mans Racing Cars then try the goddam' cwazy Skiddy Cars.

Pleade, Please Remember: You don't have to carry on being grown up while in the park: Just go mad (within reason). Have a good time and join in with your kids.

Make Some Memories Here With Us!

Please Note: All children of 15 and under MUST be accompanied by an adult (or else!).

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