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Right then! So what’s the perfect present for the passionate dinosaur buff? APART, that is, from a real, live, pet baby brachiosaurus on a long lead?

Oh yes, and APART from a fully working time machine (complete with hot drinks dispenser and comfy chairs) that will take you back 70 million years to the age of the dinosaurs for the sight seeing trip of a lifetime, AND THEN get you safely back home to your mum and dad by tea time?

Yes! That’s right! At last! You’ve got it!

The perfect present for your favourite dinosaur buff is… a nice juicy gift voucher for Tenby Dinosaur Park here in Tenby.

Gift vouchers for £5, £10 or £20 purchased via pay pal (below) are sent out to you in the post. They’re a lot cheaper than a pet brachiosaurus, or a silly old time machine, and far less dangerous. Apparently. 

Dinosaur Park Tenby Gift Voucher

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