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Dino's Fun House!

One of our great NEW attractions with 6 - Yes, 6!! - EXCITING activities and games for the WHOLE family to enjoy.


- Bag A Dino

- Big Game Hunting

- Volcano Valley

- Digiwall

- ISand Box

- & Draw Alive


Grab your competitive Granny and 'Bag A Dino,' or test your concentrations skills against your Dad in VOLCANO VALLEY. Also featuring a super new and upgraded Big Game Hunting (but still one of our old time favourites!). 

Test your throwing and accuracy in DigiWall - those pesky clowns are so cheeky!!! If you still have the energy after all of that then how about colouring in your own personal dinosaur on a bit of paper and then, hey presto, seeing it come to life and walking with his or her dinosaur friends on the TV screen in front of you in Draw Alive!! And if you STILL have energy left after all of that, then give iSAND BOX a go!! iSAND BOX is an interactive, hands-on, sand box bursting with all sorts of addictive games and lovely experiences.