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Alun's Dino Circuit

Now we know what you're all saying: "as if they haven't got enough brilliant dinosaurs already, jam-packed into that amazingly wonderful Tenby Dinosaur Park (the premier dinosaur park on planet earth)(and probably the galaxy as well)."

But, when we clapped eyes on Alun, the magnificent sauropod, along with his gang of fwends at the Dinosaur Detention Centre, we just couldn't resist the little (well, big) fellas...It was a case of motherly (and fatherly) love at first sight.

Oh, and yes, you DID read that correctly: we DID say 'gang' and we DID say 'Dinosaur Detention Centre' (or DDC for short).

Look, we don't want to get into all that here, go over old history (or prehistoric history in this case), as it were. Let's just say everyone deserves a second chance. Alun and his gang of fwends didn't mean any harm. They were just a bit silly, a bit boisterous, a bit hot-headed and the 6 months at the DDC (Dinosaur Detention Centre) really straightened them out.

The parish priest at Saint Benedict's, down there in Stow-on-the-Wold, was kind enough not to press charges and, anyway, has managed to get the tattoo removed. Also, the Bognor Regis Pensioners' Beach Ramblers Association has finally fully recovered from the trauma of Alun and his gang of thu'...'er, gang of hot blooded young teenagers descending upon them on their Vespas, dressed in full Mod regalia.

No harm done.

So there we are, see?

A nice bit of west Wales sea air, good home cooking, and wholesome physical work at the Park will do wonders for Alun and his bestest fwends.

Come down and visit them.

See if you can find them all in the Park.

Just don't mention Bognor Regis or tattoos whatever you do, OK?
If Al' and that lot start kicking off again there won't be a lot left of the Park.

And anyway it's too late now: we've signed the adoption papers. No going back.