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The Indoor Playground

When it comes to our purpose-built Indoor Playground, rain never stops play. Adults can park themselves at a table and bench for a well-earned breather, and watch while the kids carry on playing to their heart’s content.

There’s an Indoor Play Den with a soft play area especially for the younger ones, complete with soft play slides, biff-bash bags, ball pits, crawl tubes and deck climbs; while for those a little older there’s a more robust challenge in the shape of our Indoor Adventure Playground with its irresistible outside tube slide (try saying that after half a glass of Fanta).

And don’t forget our Daily Fossil Hunts in our Amphitheatre: come rain or shine the show always goes on. On wet days (we do get the odd wet day here in west Wales) you can also listen out for announcements about other kinds of shows we put on in the amphitheatre.

Every time we go, I love watching my 4 year old’s face when he stumbles upon another 'sneaky dinosaur,' during our walk throught the Woodland Trail, like it’s the first time he’s seen them (we’ve visitied quite a few times now). It honestly makes my heart swell to the size of a T-Rex.

Han Dyer