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Slightly Interesting Other Stuff

Congratulations on having the good taste and perserverance to make it all the way to this new page, the page we like to call, in our modest Tenby Dinosaur Park way, 'Slightly Interesting Other Stuff'. We know full well the demands this feverishly fraught modern lifestyle of ours can make on our precious time: what with having to express our politically correct moral outrage on social media every day, what with those long running disputes with the neighbour, what with having to get angry watching the news three times a day. It's exhausting, sir. No two ways about it, madam. So, in our endless wisdom and magnanimity, we've decided to provide all our wonderful TDP (Tenby Dinosaur Park) fans (you) with this brand-spanking-new, lovely, free, extra website page as a sort of OASIS (not the pop group) from the horrors of the world around us. An oasis where you will find all sorts of regularly updated, dinosaur-related nonsense and whimsy, verbal tosh, in which (we hope) you will not only lose yourself, if merely for a moment, regaining that balance, that self identity so vital to a happy life, but also revel in the same silly inkslinging which will save you from having to fork out a load of readies for a silly therapist (and then go on social media to rant on about how useless they were and what a waste of coin it all was).