Wheely Bugs

You will have to bribe your youngest nippers with a big ice cream or a wheelbarrow full of sweets to get them off of our new Wheely Bugs. Oh yes, you’re laughing now, aren' t you? But just you wait till your youngest sees them, then you’ll change your tune.

Cos our new-for-2017 little Wheely Bugs are so cute and magical and, well, little, like little pets with wheels you can ride on, your one to three year olds will be absolutely captivated.

So get ready to fork out for that full 99 cone with flake and raspberry sauce, or that mega bucket of Pic ‘n Mix, cos otherwise there ain’t no way you’re getting your young shavers back off of the Wheely Bugs, once they’ve caught the Wheely Bug bug. No Siree Bob!

Opening Times 2017

18th-26rd February - 10:30am-4.00pm daily

4th March - 2nd April - 10:30am-4.00pm (weekend only)

3rd April - 30th September - 10.00am-5.00pm daily

1st - 29th October - 10:30am-4.00pm (closed Mondays and Fridays)

30th October - 4th November - 10:30am-4.00pm daily